At AutocaravanasCamperdadi we have ample experience in the sale and rental of caravans, motorhomes and boats in Madrid. Since our beginnings we have focused on providing quality services aimed at satisfying the needs of our users.

Camperdadi Motorhomes a great team of professionals

We differentiate ourselves from the other companies in the market because of our professionalism, because of the close contact we have when we deal with those clients that choose to pick us and because of the high quality of all of the vehicles we sell and rent. Your satisfaction is our main objective, and we work every day to achieve it.

We help you enjoy the road, to live truly unique experiences that you will only have travelling in a motorhome, to sail the seas with boats that will allow you to unplug with every safety in place.

All of our vehicles are perfectly equipped and offer the greatest guarantees and features. AutocaravanasCamperdadi, your trustworthy caravan, motorhome and boat rental company in Madrid.