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Exploring Castilla y León in a Motorhome: Discover the Perfect Routes for your Adventure


Imagine traveling by motorhome through the enchanting landscapes of Castilla y León, immersing yourself in the cultural richness and enjoying the freedom that only a motorhome can offer! In this article, we will guide you through the best motorhome routes through Castilla y León, where every kilometer is a new experience and every stop is […]

Unlocking the Freedom of the Road: A Comprehensive Guide to Driving with a UK License in Spain

¿Qué Carnet Necesitas para Conducir una Autocaravana en España?

Navigating Spanish Roads with Your Motorhome: Tips and Regulations for UK License Holders Embarking on a journey across Spain in a motorhome is an exhilarating adventure, offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility. As a UK license holder, the prospect of exploring the diverse landscapes and rich culture is undoubtedly enticing. However, before you hit the Spanish […]

Discover the Magic of Romantic Motorhome Routes through Castilla-La Mancha: A 15-Day Adventure from Madrid


Can you imagine a trip full of romance, impressive landscapes and unforgettable experiences with your partner? On this 15-day motorhome tour of Castilla-La Mancha from Madrid, you will immerse yourself in the essence of this region, exploring unique corners and creating memories together. Exploring Castilla-La Mancha in a Motorhome: A Romantic Itinerary Welcome to the […]

Travel without Limits: What License Do You Need to Drive a Motorhome in Spain?

¿Qué Carnet Necesitas para Conducir una Autocaravana en España?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have your home on wheels and explore every corner of Spain? Motorhome rental has become an increasingly popular option for those seeking the freedom to travel at their own pace. But before diving into this exciting adventure, it’s essential to understand what license you need to […]

Discovering Spain on Wheels: 10 Incredible Motorhome Routes from Madrid


Traveling by motorhome is a unique experience that provides the freedom to explore at your own pace, stopping at picturesque locations and enjoying the true essence of the trip. For adventure lovers leaving from the bustling city of Madrid, here we present 10 exciting routes for 10 days of motorhome travel. White Villages Route (Days […]

10 Tips for Renting Motorhomes and Enjoying Your Trip to the Fullest


Traveling in a motorhome is a unique experience that provides the freedom to explore new destinations with complete autonomy. If you are thinking about renting a motorhome for your next adventure, here are 10 tips to make your experience unforgettable. Advance Planning: Before booking your motorhome, plan your itinerary and destinations. Make sure you know […]

Camperdadi motorhomes, caravans in Spain

caravans in Spain

The rental of caravans in Spain is a method increasingly used by tourists from all over the world who want to visit the country enjoying the freedom and advantages that only these vehicles offer. Its temperature, its beaches, its mountains, its natural landscapes, its great gastronomic offer and the kindness and friendliness of its inhabitants […]

Rent motorhome in Spain

Rent motorhome in Spain

If you love culture, architecture, gastronomy, good weather and idyllic landscapes, the rent motorhome in Spain is your best option to enjoy all of this in one trip, with the freedom that a motorhome offers and without established schedules. Spain has a warm environment that surrounds it, and not only because of its climate. Today […]

RV rental in Spain with Camperdadi Motorhomes

RV rental in Spain

The official figures confirm that caravanning tourism is considerably increased in the Iberian Peninsula. More and more people decide to turn to the RV rental in Spain to make the most of the time in the country and travel their cities with total freedom. This way of tourism is very common both by the Spaniards […]