Where Can I Empty My Campervan’s Grey and Black Water Tanks?

¿Puedo dormir en cualquier lugar con una autocaravana?

Traveling in a campervan offers you the freedom to explore the world at your own pace, without rushing and enjoying nature. However, there are some tasks that you must do regularly to keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure a comfortable journey. One of the most important is emptying the grey and black water tanks.

In this article, we will explain where you can empty your campervan’s grey and black water tanks so that you can enjoy your trip without worries.

What are grey and black water?

Greywater is the wastewater from the sink, shower, and washbasin. It is soapy water with food remains, but it does not contain fecal matter.

Blackwater is the wastewater from the toilet. It contains fecal matter and requires special treatment for disposal.

Where can I empty the grey water tank?

Greywater tanks can be emptied in several places:

  • Campervan service areas: These spaces are specially designed for emptying grey and black water. They have the facilities and equipment necessary to carry out this task safely and responsibly.
  • Gas stations: Some gas stations have greywater dump points.
  • Campsites: Campsites also usually have grey and black water dump points.
  • Specific dump points: In some municipalities, there are specific dump points for greywater.

Where can I empty the black water tank?

Blackwater tanks can only be emptied in campervan service areas or campsites that have the necessary facilities and equipment for their treatment.

It is important not to empty blackwater anywhere, as this can contaminate the environment and pose a risk to public health.

Tips for emptying grey and black water tanks

  • Wear gloves and protective clothing to avoid contact with wastewater.
  • Follow the instructions of the service area or campsite staff.
  • Empty the tanks regularly to prevent them from filling up and causing bad odors.
  • Keep the tanks clean to prevent the formation of bacteria.

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Start planning your campervan adventure today!Remember: It is important to respect the environment and empty the grey and black water tanks in the authorized places.

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