Trip through the Dolomites

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With the RENTAL OF A MOTOR HOME you will be able to discover places such as the DOLOMITES (ITALY)

This is the continuation of the summer vacations of 2013; in the first part I have narrated about our wanderings through Andorra and the zone of the Ródano in the French Alps, in this part I narrate the days we have journeyed through the Italian Dolomites.

Monday, august the 12th

We start at the Pordoi Pass, where we already begin to marvel at what is in store for us in this zone of the Dolomites; whatever direction you look in it does not disappoint. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the roads, I expected them to be worse, since they are such long ports, but the roads are spectacular both in terms of their paving as in their width, though one must take into account the large amount of curves and the steep slopes. I recommend that before making this kind of trip we take a look at the brake pads so as to not have unpleasant experiences later on during the voyage.

Coordinates of Pordoi pass.   N 46º 29′ 15″        E 011º 48′ 45″

From Pordoi pass you can take many routes, there is also an ascent that saves us 600 m of slope. We left early ( 7:30 h ) and the route we took was the climb to the Boé Peak of 3,157 m, going past the Fredarola’s refuge, Boé Peak, Capanna de Fassa’s refuge and the Viel refuge continuing with the route of the lookout of the Marmolada.

For more information about the route HERE.

Pordoi Pass

Pordoi Summit

Fredarola’s refuge ascent path

Fredarola’s Refuge

Lookout Refuge Campanna de Fassa

Lookout path of the Marmolada

Marmolada Glacier

In the afternoon we meet up once with Paco, Carmen and Cristina and we go to the Gardena Pass, but 1 km before we reach it we stop at a dirt embankment from which the ferrata Tridentina begins, and since we plan to climb it the next day we decided to stay there to sleep. It must be said that even though in this part of the Dolomites there are practically no motorhome areas, at no night we sleep alone, at every pass there are always places to rest, the problem comes when it’s time to empty and fill the deposits. But we will try to solve that at a different time,

Coordinates for parking of ferrata Tridentina   N 46º 32′ 49″   E 011º 49′ 14″

parking ferrata tridentina

landscape from the top of the ferrata

Length of the journey for the day: 27 Km

Tuesday, august the 13th

Around 9:00 Cristina and I started to look for the beginning of the vía ferrata, in the parking spot itself there is a sign that indicates the path to choose. We left a little late, so we will be ascending with plenty of other people.

The time we have spent in doing the ferrata and coming down, including the stop has been around 5 hours. When we reach the mh, Neither Marga nor Cristina’s parents are there, so we have to wait a while, luckily I had the mh’s keys and we managed to change clothes and have a drink.

During the following afternoon, of course after resting and having lunch, we went up Gardena’s pass. All of these ports are worthy of at least one visit even if we are not going down any route. But they all are surprising because of their landscapes.

Gardena’s pass

We have enjoyed the roads and the stores, where Carmen and Marga are those who have shown the most interest. Meanwhile Cristina and I looked at the constantly passing cars and motorcycles.

In the afternoon we descended, our intention being to sleep at Falzarego ‘s pass, but before we made a stop at Corvara, a town which we passed through on our way up to the port and which had caught our attention.

Coordinates for Gardena’s Pass  N  46º 32′ 58″    E  011º 48′ 31″


Coordinates of the parking at Corvara  N  46º 33′ 02″     E  011º 52′ 15″

To sleep we go to Falzarego’s pass, where tomorrow we have a road to traverse. When we arrive it starts raining and fog enveloped us, so we couldn’t see a thing. The only thing that we can do is watch some recorded movie on tv and wait to see if the day will let us go forwards tomorrow.

Falzarego’s Pass, at the back of the Marmolada glacier

Coordinates of Falzarego’s Pass  N  46º 31′ 08″     E  012º 00′ 33″
Length of the journey for the day: 32 Km

Wednesday, august the 14th

Today the day dawns very cloudy, but it does not seem like it’s going to rain. Our primary intention is to go up Coll de Falzarego, to look for the road that goes up to the Lagozuoi peak and to go down the Austrian galleries from world war 1.

Lagozoui peak


Today the route has been very long, it has taken us 10 hours to complete it, but it has been worth the grief and effort.

Since tomorrow we want to take a different route through the zone, we stayed and slept at the same location.

Length of the journey for the day: 0 Km

Thursday, august the 15th

We have stayed and slept at the passo Falzarego, today we have another route ready, this time the journey will take us to the Nuvelau to the ferrata Averau refuge. The ferrata is alternative, it is not mandatory to go through it to get to the refuge.

A day dawns with low clouds that momentarily allows us to enjoy the scenery, but which makes us enjoy the trip in a very special way.

Views from the Averau peak

Averau peak

In the afternoon we go down to CotinaD’Ampezzo, where we attempt to find a parking spot but it was impossible. There was not a single spot where we could leave the mh and go for a walk. Through the town the ambiance was impressive, it seemed that all of the tourism was concentrated there. We kept going ahead a bit towards Fiames, where a previous year I was there, there was a mh area, but we were surprised to see when we reached the area that it did not exist anymore, but right across the soccer field there were plenty of mh parked, so we did as we saw fit, looked for a spot and spent the night there. There isn’t a place to collect water or to empty it, but the site is very quiet.

Coordinates of the parking spot.   N 46º 34′ 24″      E 012º 07′ 08″

Length of the journey for the day: 20 km

Friday, august the 16th

Today the group separates, Marga, Paco,  Mª Carmen and Cristina leave in the morning to Cortina D’Ampezzo, right across from where we slept there is a bus stop that will take them to the town, I will go up to the ferrata of Strobel taking advantage that the beginning of the road is very close by and I do not have to move the mh, we have arranged to be in the mh at lunch time.

Beginning of the ferrata
ferrrata with zones that seem to be the end area of the ferrata. Fiames point downdards channel.

When we reach the Misurina area, it is full, the first thing we do is empty and refill, since we need it badly, since we entered Italy we have not been able to perform these very necessary actions. The price for the area is 14 € per day and the maximum allowed is 48 hours.

Coordinates of the mh area of the Misurina lake  N  46º 35′ 18″   E  012º 15′ 23″

As we had arranged, at lunch time we met at the mh and had a quite pleasant lunchtime, each of us telling what we had been doing during the morning. During the afternoon we all left, except for urko whom we left at the mh, at Cortina.

At Cortina D’Ampezzo there’s a great ambiance, people everywhere, the shops are open and we take the chance to shop a bit. At around 20:00 we return to the mh, and we set out to Misurina Lake, where there is a mh area and we will spend the night there.

Mh area of Misurina lake

Length of the journey for the day: 20 km

Saturday, august the 17th

Today we intended to go up to the Auronzo refuge, where parking the mh costs 30 € and from where starts the road of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, a very famous zone, so much that it seems the amount of people that will be there will not allow us to enjoy the journey. We talked it over at night and we ended up deciding to go ahead and look for quieter sites, which is what the group enjoys.

Misunia Lake
Misurina Lake We followed the route up until Tre Croci pass, where we did not find any site to park the two mh, but going down to the port towards Cortina D’Ampezzo we found together the sky lift of Rio Gere, an ample zone to stop in and to be able to walk on foot, this route was improvised but it turned out alright. The route was all the way to the Folaria refuge continuing through the 213 path up until the col de Croci and from there to the Mh,

Coordinates of the sky lift Río Gere  N  46º 33′ 04″    E  012º 11′ 23″

Parking spot of the sky lift Río Gere

In the afternoon we kept going down the route up to the Passo de Giau, where we enjoyed its scenery and from where we see the Nuvolau refuge, where we went up on Wednesday from the Passo de Falzarego.

Coordinates for the Passo Giau.  N  46º 28′ 57″      E  012º 03′ 11″

Passo Giau

Passo Giau But this is not the end of the day, we want to reach Passo Staulanza, where we will spend the night so that tomorrow we will go down the route that goes around Monte Pelmo.

Passo Staulanza

route Monte Pelmo

Coordinates of the parking spot at Passo Staulanza  N  46º 25′ 14″     E  012º 06′ 15″

Length of the journey for the day: 51 km

Sunday, august the 18th

Today we have prepared a circular route that goes around Monte Pelmo. The road begins right in front of where we slept tonight. The Pelmo is a great stone peak, we will circle around it by its skirt until we reach the Venezia refuge and from there we continue until the Forcela Val D´Arcia, from where we just have to go down to the Paso de Staulanza from where we began our route.

Monte Pelmo

Sights from the Forcela Val D´Arcia

For more information about the route HERE

TRACK of the route

In the afternoon, after lunch and after resting a bit, we keep on going down the route. Our next destination, Austria, we want to spend the night at the parking spot next to the Glaciar Pasterze – Grossglockner- Austria: It is the biggest glacier in all the Alps and it is at the feet of the Grossglockner peak, the tallest one in Austria with 3798 meters in height.

We have to hurry because the road that leads to the glacier has a toll and closes at 21:30.

Coordinates to the parking spot at glacier Pasterze  N  47º 04′ 20″     E  012º 45′ 31″

Length of the journey for the day: 167 km

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